FT01.02 Mechanical and structural testing parameters in risk assessment

Senest opdateret d. 18/1-2021
FORCE Technology
Indsatsområdet Datadrevet risikoevaluering som katalysator for grøn vækst i vindmøllebranchen under temaerne Energi og energieffektivitet, Klima og miljø og Produktionsteknologi
Henrik Hassing
Technical Vice President

The primary goal of this specific activity plan is to build a data collection tool for sorting and understanding critical testing parameters.

The goal of risk-based planning of mechanical and structural test and validation strategies is to work with the industry for determining for their products and components a more effective mix of testing size scales and strategies. This is to be performed by finding the right balance of risk and budget and time. 

On top of this a goal is to extend cooperation in particular to DTU CASMaT and Fraunhofer IWES and enter into strategical dialog with Wind Denmark and Energy Cluster Denmark..

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