Strategic collaboration on joint development and implementation of service offerings between Bioneer A/S and Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering

Senest opdateret d. 22/8-2016
Resultatkontrakt 2016-2018 under temaerne Særlige Indsatser
Christian Clausen
Head of Dept. Biomedical Technology

There is a need among small Danish biotech and pharma companies for access to services in the fields of cell banking and automated cell based screening. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute "Institute for Biomedical Engineering" (Germany) Bioneer will establish services covering these fields.

The life science industry, including biotech, pharma and ingredients companies, is constantly seeking new strategies for optimizing early steps in their development to reduce costs and improve their products.

The strategic collaboration between Bioneer A/S and Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT) will implement solutions covering needs for automated processing of living cells by jointly offering novel services to the life science industry.

The joint service offerings addresses critical elements in early product development and are not currently offered in Denmark or Germany.

The strategic collaboration will make automated living cell cryopreservation services and automated cell based screening services accessible to Danish companies, through jointly implementation and further development of existing technologies, supported by dissemination of activities and services. The development activities and services comprise two main lines of work.

Biosample storage (cryopreservation):
Bioneer will together with IBMT establish state-of the art crypreservation service from protocol development toscalable and automated biosample storage service at GMP level.

Laboratory test systems:
Bioneer and IBMT will establish platforms for 3D in vitro screening systems, including liver toxicity models, involving 3D model development and automated 3D in vitro systems. .

With this collaboration project Bioneer will develop and implement service platforms together with IBMT, that does not exist in Denmark. The opputunity to jointly develop services within cryopreservation and 3D modelling make a perfect match between biological competences at Bioneer and technological competences at IBMT.

2016: 1.200.000 kr.
2017: 1.200.000 kr.
2018: 1.200.000 kr.